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                                   MATLAB® based Data Acquisition Software for VXI Hardware

Engineering Services

Dynamic Measurements, Inc.  can  provide complete turnkey measurement systems tailored to your specific needs.

Dynamic Measurements  provides measurement specials in the form of:

  • Complete turnkey, custom measurement systems (hardware & software) tailored to your specific needs.  

    • We will design, configure and assemble "off the shelf" hardware components to build the system.

    •  Customize the software to specific measurements needs.

    •  Install the system and train the operators in its use.  

  • If your measurement needs are infrequent we can provide a complete measurement survey that will lead to insight and understanding of any product's dynamic characteristics.

    • We provide the measurement hardware.

    • Install required transducers including calibration.

    • Make all measurements.

    • Issue a report of the measurement findings