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                                   MATLAB® based Data Acquisition Software for VXI Hardware


Dynamic Measurements offers two user friendly, general purpose turnkey Data Acquisition & Analysis software products, Acq_Mat1432 and Acq_Mat1564 for controlling VTI Instruments, Hewlett-Packard or Agilent  VXI modules.



Now, Very Low Cost, complete systems built with used VXI Modules.

Acq_Mat1432 Application Software for VT1432 thru VT1436 VXI Modules

  • Throughput Multiple ADC Channels (N) of continuous, simultaneous sampled Time Data to the Host Disk, or RAM or the VT2216A.
  • Swept Sine FRF Measurements with selectable Auto Level, Auto Resolution and Limit channels
  • Perform either MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) or SIMO Frequency Response Measurements (FRF's).
  • Simultaneously control up to Eight (8) Source (DAC) Channels for MIMO measurements with Uncorrelated Random or Uncorrelated Burst Random with N response ADC channels
  • Multi-Reference Impact FRF Measurements for Structural Modal Applications
  • Rotating Machine Computed Order Tracking
  • Rotating Machine RPM Run Up or Run Down Measurements
  • Real Time 1/1 or 1/3 Octave Measurements
  • Monitor Time and Instantaneous or Averaged FFT Spectrums while Throughputting
  • Choose 2,4,8 or 16 Display Trace Data Formats with Dual Cursors on each Trace
  • Built-in Broadband Excitation DAC Waveforms, Linear and Log Swept Burst Chirps with selectable Start & Stop Frequencies
  • Burst Random Noise for Minimum Leakage Measurements
  • Periodic Linear and Log Swept Sine Chirps with Selectable Start & Stop Frequencies
  • Continuous Sine, Selectable Frequency
  • Periodic Arbitrary Data Excitation Waveforms
  • Import Excel files with channel parameters like EU, EU Sensitivity, ID, etc.
  • Export Data as either .MAT files or Universal File Format for portability to other environments
  • Supports MATLAB® versions R2015b through R2007b
  • Acq_Mat1432 Current release: A.02.29
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Acq_Mat1564 Application Software for VT1564A 800 kHz VXI Module

  • Capture simultaneous sampled, continuous Time Data from N channels.
  • Choose 2, 4, 8 or 16 Trace Data Formats with Dual Cursors on each Trace (except 16 trace case).
  • After the measurement is completed, choose a different number of traces and starting channel and re-plot the data.
  • Take advantage of the Mathwork's  MATLAB® graphics to simply bring up the graphics attributes and change the default plot parameters.
  • Selectable simultaneous sampling periods from 0.838 seconds to 0.00000125 Seconds (sample rates from 1.19 Hz to 800,000 Hz).
  • Automatic module find with printout of VXI address and installed memory.
  • Trigger support for Immediate, Channel 1 Arbitrary Level +/- (rising or falling) and Ext (rising or falling).
  • Select the number of Pre-Trigger samples.
  • Set the on-board filters independently for each channel, or globally set all channels to a single filter setting.
  • Set the Range for each channel independently or globally set all channels to the same value.
  • Set the acquired array (block) size to any integer value consistent with the amount of RAM in the module.
  • The data will be stored in a three dimensional MATLAB® matrix (samples at blocksize, Channels, Scans).
  • Built on top of Mathwork's MATLAB® so further data processing and custom graphics can be readily accomplished. 
  • Supports MATLAB® versions R2011b through R2007b
  • Acq_Mat1564 Current Release:  A.02.05
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