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                                   MATLAB® based Data Acquisition Software for VXI Hardware

Acq_Mat1432 Prerequisites:


Supported VXI Modules:


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  • VTI Instrument's VT1432A / B, VT1433B, VT1434A, VT1435A or VT1436A Input  Modules (ADC's)
  • or Hewlett-Packard/Agilent E1432A, E1433B or E1434A Modules.

For RPM Run-Up Measurements or Order Tracking one needs a Tachometer Option AYF

Time Measurements where RPM values are wanted  also needs Tachometer Option AYF

For most all Acq_Mat Options one needs a source module: Option 1D4 or VT1434A or HP/Agilent E1434A


VT 1432B   Click Here for Data Sheet        

VT 1432A Picture

VT 1432A     Click Here for Data Sheet

VT 1432A 

VT 1433B     Click Here for Data Sheet

VT 1433B

VT 1435 / VT 1436     Click Here for Data Sheet


  • VTI Instruments VT1434A Source Module (DAC's)

                 VT1434A     Click Here for Data Sheet  

                 VY 1434A

    • Without a VT1434A, order source option 1D4 for the VT1432 or VT1433.


  • VTI Instruments VT2216 SCSI  Disk Module (Throughput Disk)

                       VT 2216A     Click Here for Data Sheet

                       VT N2216A



Acq_Mat1432  also works with existing HP or Agilent  E1432, E1433, E1434 & E1562 or N2216 modules.


VXIbus Computer Interfaces:

  • VTI Instruments VXI 1394 or Agilent E8491B IEEE 1394 Interface for the VXI Mainframe. 

VXI-1394      Click Here for Data Sheets.

VXI 1394


  • Or the preferred Interface ...

  • VTI Instrument's EX2500A Gigabit Ethernet Slot 0 Interface for the VXI Mainframe.

VTI Instrument's EX2500A    Click Here for Details 




VXIbus Software Drivers:

  • VTI Instruments ActiveX Driver for VT1432 / 33 / 34 (Rev 2.0).

      Click Here to Download Driver.  

    Once at the above link, click on the "Products Info" drop down list and choose VT1432B and then click on VT1432B/33B/34A/35/36


  • Agilent Technology I/O Library Suite

       Click Here for Information

           Once at the above link click on Technical Support  - Drivers & Software - Test & Measurement. 

           Then in the search box type in:    "Agilent IO Library Suite"




Supported Version of Mathworks' MATLAB® :

  • Mathworks MATLAB®

    • 8.0  Release R2012b  (Preferred) or

    • 7.14 Release R2012a

    • 7.13 Release R2011b

    • 7.12 Release R2011a

    • 7.11 Release R2010b

    • 7.10 Release R2010a 

    • 7.9 Release R2009b 

    • 7.8 Release R2009a

    • 7.7 Release R2008b 

    • 7.6 Release R2008a

    • 7.5 Release R2007b 


  • No additional MATLAB® Toolboxes are required. 

    Matlab Logo

    Matlab Partner  VTI Instruments Logo           





General Requirements:

  • Host computer with an IEEE 1394 Firewire Interface or 1 Gigabit LAN EX2500A Interface.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32 bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (32 bit), Win XP; Recommended Host RAM:  1000MB or more with higher channel counts

  • Microsoft Excel required (For importing Point and Direction Lists or Channel Parameters).



  • We chose the MATLAB® environment for Acq_Mat because leveraging this mathematical and graphic environment  provides a robust turnkey solution that reduced development and debugging time. The user can also easily perform additional data analysis on all data obtained and create custom graphs from within this MATLAB® environment.

  • We chose the VTI Instruments' hardware platform because it is a stable, scalable, high performance measurement system with a good interface to PCs.   The hardware is reasonably portable and can be controlled by a laptop or desktop computer with impressive performance.  You are also not limited to one vendor’s software solution.